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Let me introduce myself.  My name is Jesse Horn, and I was diagnosed with autism at age 3. I did not make eye contact, did not talk, and had meltdowns that were emotionally painful for my family and myself. I received in-home applied behavior analysis therapy for two years prior to entering school.  I learned visually through VCR tapes and TV shows like Sesame Street. In 2006, I saw a TV commercial for a set of cups called "Speed Stacks." The commercial showed how to stack these 12 specially designed cups in specific pyramids. Today, I am a world champion sport stacker. My goal now is to do motivational speaking presentations sharing what I believe changed my life and about the tool that I feel could help others who struggle with autism and different disabilities. Contact me below for questions about scheduling your presentation!



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Stacked Against the Odds is a story of one family’s triumph and victory as they navigate the challenging waters of raising a child with autism. Written in his own words, this inspiring account of Jesse Horn is encouraging and uplifting as Jesse walks us through his darkest times and greatest victories! Jesse and his family’s true character are revealed for us as we take a ride with them through their story, giving us all hope and inspiration!”  

-Don Teel

President, Speed Stacks, Inc.®



“If you’re looking for inspiration on overcoming tough odds, look no further than Jesse Horn’s first book Stacked Against the Odds. Jesse’s story is an honest and heartwarming account of growing up with autism and the challenges it presents for a family.  His accomplishments as a stacker are overshadowed only by the grit and determination he demonstrates in overcoming circumstances that would be overwhelming for most of us. If you need a bright spot to walk towards, read this book.”

-Larry Goers

CEO, Speed Stacks, Inc.®

Sue ~ Teacher

"You are doing so much to motivate and empower every student to find their passion! I am so happy that you are bringing this important message to our youth! Everyone, no matter what challenges they have, they can have goals and achieve them! Thank you Jesse for sharing your story with us!"

Wendy ~ Teacher

"You wowed us all, Jesse! I can't remember ever seeing the students so engaged in a performance. They were almost as fun to watch as you were! I wish you could have been there for the conversation back in the classroom afterwards. The kids totally heard your message about how being different doesn't mean less than, but it can be a lonely place. Much more powerful coming from you than me."


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